Saturday Spotlight: Hot New Fiction Perfect for Gift-Giving

This weekend, our Book Lovers’ Holiday Gift Guide Saturday Spotlight is on 12 hot new fiction books perfect for gift-giving!

This weekend, our Book Lovers’ Holiday Gift Guide Saturday Spotlight is on 12 hot new fiction books perfect for gift-giving! These books and more can be found in our Book Lovers’ Holiday Gift Guide. A list of participating retailers can be found here.

A Circle on the Surface
Carol Bruneau
Nimbus Publishing

A powerful swell of a novel from one of Canada’s master storytellers, set amongst a backdrop of wartime paranoia in a fictional coastal Nova Scotia community.

Lesley Crewe
Nimbus Publishing

A tender novel from bestselling author Lesley Crewe, exploring a sprawling Cape Breton family’s vulnerabilities and values, darkest fears, and greatest hopes.

Catching the Light
Susan Sinnott
Nimbus Publishing

Though Cathy is a talented artist, she yearns for social acceptance. Hutch is everything she is not: charismatic, popular, smart. The slow burn and extraordinary lives of two ordinary people.

The Crackie
Gary Collins
Flanker Press

An epic tale of war and triumph by award-winning author Gary Collins, winner of the inaugural NL reads literary competition, administered by the CBC. 

Growing up Next to the Mental
Brian Callahan
Flanker Press

Wish Mooney’s earliest memory is finding a corpse in the Waterford River. Jarring stuff for a four-year-old, yet far from the most shocking thing he would witness.

The Honey Farm
Harriet Alida Lye
Nimbus Pubishing

After beekeeper Cynthia offers young artists free room and board in exchange for help on her Edenic farm, strange things start happening: taps run red and frogs swarm the pond. This psychological thriller paints a dark portrait of creation and possession in the natural world.

In The Wake
Nicola Davison
Nimbus Publishing

Set on the shores of modern-day Nova Scotia, two women are stagnated by grief and their own flawed versions of the past. Can the truth set them free?

Miss Nackawic Meets Midlife
Colleen Landry
Chocolate River Publishing

Miss Nackawic 1981 hasn’t lost sight of her Miss World vision board. Her hilarious observations of her attempts to stay runway ready while she tries to cope with midlife will make you chuckle and relate.

Operation Wormwood

Helen C. Escott
Flanker Press

Doctors race against time to determine the cause of Wormwood: a mysterious disease that some believe was created by God to kill the worst criminals among us. 

The Smeltdog Man
Frank MacDonald
Pottersfield Press

A rollicking novel about how a Cape Bretoner marshalled his accidental invention, a marijuana-induced, munchies-inspired Smeltdog, into the most successful franchise in Canada.

Soldier Boy
Glen Carter
Flanker Press

An action-packed novel of revenge that begins in the deserts of Iraq, where a US Marine dies and the circumstances surrounding his death are shrouded in mystery.

Some Days Run Long
Bill Conall
Boularderie Island Press

From the winner of the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour, this new collection is like a stroll along the aisles of a rural general store, stocked with whimsy, humour, ire, reflection, tall tales, and passion.

See more gift ideas in our Book Lovers’ Holiday Gift Guide! View it online here or pick it up at your local bookstore or library.

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