Stay Home and #ReadAtlantic: Making it Home

Starting May 7, NS public library users get instant access all week long to the eBook version of Making it Home by Alison DeLory. No wait list!

Stay Home and Read Making it Home

In April and May, public libraries across Nova Scotia are providing unlimited access to 5 Atlantic Canadian eBooks from their collections. All you need is your free library card.

If you use the Libby app, you’ll see a link to download the eBook at the top of the page. You can also visit if you are a Halifax Public Libraries user, and if you use another Nova Scotia Public Library.

Making it Home by Alison DeLory (Nimbus Publishing)
Halifax | Nova Scotia

Coming May 7: Tinker Gordon doesn’t want anything to change. He thinks that if he holds on tightly enough, his family, his tiny Cape Breton Island community, his very world will stay exactly the way it has always been. But explosions large and small—a world away, in the Middle East, in the land of opportunity in western Canada, and in his own home in Falkirk Cove—threaten to turn everything Tinker has ever known upside down.

Set variously in the heart of rural Cape Breton, on the war-torn streets of Aleppo and in a Turkish refugee camp, in the new wild west frontier of the Alberta oil patch, and in a tiny apartment in downtown Toronto, Tinker’s family, friends, and neighbours new and old must find a way to make it home.

In her heartfelt adult fiction debut, Alison DeLory ponders a question as relevant in Atlantic Canada as anywhere in the world: where and how do we belong, and what does it take to make it home?

About the author: Alison DeLory is a writer, editor, and teacher living in Halifax. She has been writing stories for newspapers, magazines, and digital platforms for 20 years. She’s also written two children’s chapter books and contributed to several anthologies. Making it Home is her first novel.

Tune in live on our Facebook page on May 11 at 12:30 for a Reading and Q&A

More on the book:

Making it Home has been shortlisted for the Rakuten Kobo Emerging Writer Prize!

Alison DeLory’s Making it Home on CTV:


Book Me Podcast with Alison DeLory

Tune in for a live to our Facebook page on Tuesday, May 11th at 12 pm, for Alison’s live reading and Q&A




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