Stay Home and #ReadAtlantic: Silver Linings

Starting May 14th, NS public library users get instant access all week long to the eBook version of Silver Linings by Janice Landry. No wait list!

Stay Home and Read Silver Linings

In April and May, public libraries across Nova Scotia are providing unlimited access to 5 Atlantic Canadian eBooks from their collections. All you need is your free library card.

If you use the Libby app, you’ll see a link to download the eBook at the top of the page. You can also visit if you are a Halifax Public Libraries user, and if you use another Nova Scotia Public Library.

Silver Linings by Janice Landry (Pottersfield Press)
Halifax | Nova Scotia

Coming May 14: In Silver Linings: Stories of Gratitude, Resiliency and Growth Through Adversity, Janice Landry asks the very tough question, “What are you the most grateful for?” to fifteen inspiring Canadians from five provinces and two esteemed guests from the United States. One of the seventeen is Dr. Bob Emmons, considered to be the world’s pre-eminent expert in the study of gratitude.

Gratitude and resiliency are key cornerstones in the field of mental health. Science-based evidence, discussed by Dr. Emmons and others, underlines the importance of developing and practising gratitude. Research proves being grateful is good for us, both mentally and physically. Gratitude can improve our resiliency before challenges occur in our lives, which they inevitably do.

Photo of Janice Landry featuring her late mother, Theresa. The book is partially dedicated to Theresa, who passed away during the book’s production. This week celebrating the book leads into her birthday, which is May 22.

Let’s face it: it’s easy to be grateful when things are running smoothly. The people in Silver Linings have discovered that gifts may actually emerge from life’s toughest challenges. Landry’s own gratitude practice was shaken to its core when both her mother and a close friend, assisted-death advocate Audrey Parker, died within weeks of one another while she was writing the book.

Silver Linings is currently longlisted for The Miramichi Reader’s “The Very Best” Book Awards, in the Best Non-Fiction Category.

About the author: Janice Landry is an award-winning writer and journalist whose non-fiction work primarily focuses on mental health and wellness. 

Landry started writing books to honour her late father, Capt. Basil (Baz) Landry M.B., of the former Halifax Fire Department, now Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency (HRFE). HRFE is the oldest fire service in Canada. Capt. Landry was awarded the Medal of Bravery by the Canadian government, in 1980, for his part in rescuing an eight-week-old baby from a horrific 1978 Halifax house fire.      

Most of Landry’s books include multiple interviews with Canadian first responders, emergency personnel, and their loved ones – as she advocates nationally for better support, education, and pre-emptive training for people across agencies, backgrounds, and careers, who work around trauma.  

She has recently completed her fifth book (2019) which focuses on two key cornerstones in mental health and wellness: gratitude and resiliency. That book, Silver Linings, is lovingly dedicated to her late mother, Theresa Landry, and friend, Audrey J. Parker, who both died while Landry was working on the project. 

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